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Pilot Farm

Cultivate- to serve with a joyful experience of liberation

House of Joy invites you to see the beginning of a dream to cultivate this beautiful 17 acre tract of land into a sustainable community development model through partnerships that serve to create provisions for the well-being of people.  The hope for this project is that Pilot Farm would be an expanded platform for the vision of House of Joy to be realized through various components of community development that include agriculture, fish farming, bees, goats, chickens, as well as innovative technologies that enhance and provide sustainable solutions for the basics of living. These innovations in the fields of water, energy and food production, to name a few, could be processed in this location for implementation prior to employing them in other locations here and internationally.  It is our desire that Pilot Farm would become a model for partnerships between business and ministry.  


The first endeavor of Pilot Farm was to partner with Logans Trading Company to be a part of the “Plant A Row for the Hungry” campaign by planting a Community Garden.  Plant A Row is a nationwide effort joining individuals, schools, churches and businesses together to grow food for distribution to undernourished people in our local communities.  Through Plant A Row, we are partnering with thousands of groups like The Inter-faith Food Shuttle and the NC Food Bank.


The beautiful layout of Pilot Farm offers us all a hope of restoration of this land as well as the   renewal of life that is realized through true community interdependence of people and work. The land brings us an opportunity to join our hands and our faith to work for a common good.   We strongly believe the stewardship of this land has been given to us to demonstrate how cultivating or serving the land actually brings a cultivation to our hearts as we learn lessons for life.  The ground has much to teach us as we cultivate and keep it in much the same way that God intended from the beginning when He made man, planted a garden and placed man there.  To know ourselves fully can be learned from the ground and the seed sown.

What does community mean?

The heart of community rests within the heart of individuals and families.  The strength of community is a vision.  The strength of the vision is the commitment and resolve of heart of people to live and work within a designated place toward an outcome and reality that “together we are stronger than anyone is individually”.  The view of corporate strength and corporate vision is crucial to realizing community.   


Community is a call.  Community is an intentional creative expression of people becoming a unit through deliberate choices to participate, interact and take ownership of the vision they share for who they are and who they can become collectively.  

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Proposed Projects

Community Garden


Fruit Trees/Bushes


Fish Farming



Grow Boxes







Bill and Brenda Taylor

Logan's Trading Co.

GC Environmental

Seaboard Ace Hardware

Lowes Home Improvement

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