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The heart of community rests within the heart of individuals and families.  The strength of community is a vision.  The strength of the vision is the commitment and resolve of people to live and work together within a designated place toward a collective outcome.   


Community is a call.  Community is an intentional creative expression of people becoming a unit through deliberate choices to participate, interact and take ownership of the vision they share for who they are and who they can become collectively.  


Community Garden

Fruit Trees/Bushes



Hoop House 

Grow Boxes

Plant A Row

Gather at the Garden

Volunteer Opportunities

Neighbor helping Neighbor

Kids Gardening Classes

Gardening Resources

Fresh from the Farm

Soaps, Salves & Lotions

Test Kitchen Tricks

Herbal Helps

New Row Crops 

Produce Boxes

Neighbor helping Neighbor

Fresh Cut Flower Field

Coming Soon!


Farm Stand Hours

Pick your own Herb Field


Gather at the Garden

We are very excited to see all that this year has to offer as we continue to grow at Pilot Farm. We will be making some changes to our current production space and community garden in hopes of making room for these new projects we are undertaking. We have already begun growing at a second site, which will serve to provide even  more fresh produce for our farm stand and produce boxes. We will continue to develop the farm throughout this year and into next year so that by Spring of 2021 we will have more production space and a full time farm stand. Our goal is to provide a place of community, where relationships are formed, developed and cultivated while tending to the land. Won't you come cultivate with us?

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