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"Nothing is as strong as the heart of a volunteer."

                                                                                                        ~ Jimmy Doolittle

Come Volunteer With Us!

If you have a passion to serve within any of our programs or projects, please prayerfully consider joining with HOJ to put your passion into action. The HOJ projects require a wide spectrum of talents and skills; so if you have the talent, we have the need. We especially seek volunteers from churches, civic groups, families, and/or individuals that simply want to give back to their communities by serving through House of Joy. 


If you have time restrictions or just don’t have the skills and talents compatible with the HOJ missions, you can still help by considering a tax exempt donation.


As noted on the donation page, the money can be linked to a specific activity or placed in the general HOJ ministry account for use in general support of missions or where the need is greatest.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer, please contact us!




 Previous Volunteer Experiences

Student Volunteers

A group of ninth grade students from Ravenscroft School in Raleigh volunteered in the warehouse counting, organizing and labeling large numbers of medical supplies.  We have partnered with Ravenscroft since 2007 on their annual Volunteer Day.  

College Volunteers

Stephan Hack, Director of Operations for C/4C, AFROTC - 595th Cadet Wing, Bravo FLT - North Carolina State University - George V. Holloman Squadron gave us a volunteer effort that modeled the strength of heart from Jimmy Doolittle’s WWII quote above.  These 35+ guys worked tirelessly at our warehouse. 

These students had a work ethic that rivaled any we have ever seen.  Their precision to group themselves and initiate    leadership to tasks was amazing.  We made a transition in operations that day because of their effort. 



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