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International Community Development

     The goal of our program is to creatively impact communities by implementing a development model that offers projects that encompass several fields of interest in one area simultaneously through a business and common sense grass-roots approach.  We will encourage interdependence among participants and their projects for collective growth and development; this relational dynamic to their success will generate the essence of community in the hearts and lives of the people.  The fields of interest will be chosen relevant to what is available within the community that can be partnered with HOJ provisions.


House of Joy is positioned to aid, teach, train and equip in ways that will empower people to become independent and self-sustaining.  Our projects will require responsible and accountable business tools with each participant, starting at their level of understanding.  This individual accountability will strengthen and bring sustainability to any project which is undertaken.   With HOJ goals in place, a spirit of hope for the future can prevail within each community as participants work together for the common good as well as providing for their individual families.

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