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Pilot Farm has many different avenues of planting, but whether it's in the garden , the vineyard or the greenhouse we strive to bring a sense of community into each place. Our community garden is open to anyone who would like to be a part of something that brings joy and wellness to ourselves and to each other. We gladly donate to all those who volunteer as well as to other hunger relief organizations in our area.

Community Garden

We spent the first 2 years at Pilot cultivating the land and starting the community garden. It was certainly a labor of love attached to a deep calling

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Almost all of our plants are started from seed in our hydroponic bays and then transplanted to the different growing areas. We are currently working on a seed to table system.

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Our vineyard was started in 2016 with several different varieties of muscadine grapes. These will be used for jams, jellies and other products as a way to support Pilot Farm.

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Fruit Tree & Bushes

There are apple, persimmon, fig and pear trees alongside blueberry bushes. 

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Herb Boxes

We currently have 8 herb boxes at the farm where we grow herbs for cooking, drying and using in our homemade soaps and salves.  

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Hoop House

The hoop house is where we transplant plants from the hydroponic bays to trays and pots. Some of these transplants are planted and some are sold.

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