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Board of Directors

Carol L. Ellis

Founder/ Executive Director

Carol was born in Raleigh, NC and lived there until age 6 when she then was placed in a children’s home to live for the next 12 years.  Carol credits this experience of growing up with so many brothers and sisters, where everyone was the same and each carried his own load of work and play, as being a foundation stone for understanding the power of community.  “This was my home; there was no other place to go which enabled me to accept and be thankful for this unique and generous expression of the love and care of God over all my life.” Carol graduated from Campbell University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Development.  After teaching first grade for 5 years she became a stay-at-home mom for her three children, Joshua, Joy and Sarah.  Carol and Buddy, her husband of 42 years ran a small business 15 years prior to founding House of Joy in 2000.  They also have 4 grandchildren; Glory, Sophie, Scarlett and Andy.


Sharon Pearce
Board Member

Sharon is the State Director for the North Carolina Prayer Caucus. She is married to Nelson Pearce and resides in Raleigh, NC. She has a varied background in education, counseling, sales, government and most importantly prayer movements. In addition to the prayer caucus, she is also affiliated with Generals International for Transform Our World and other kingdom centered movements, organizations and friends. For fun, Sharon loves traveling, learning, reading, writing, walking and working out.


Norman Sanderson
Board Member

Norman Sanderson was born in Lumberton, NC on July 7, 1951.  The son of a farmer, Norman and his six brothers and sisters worked on the family farm through their entire youth. 

Norman graduated from West Columbus High School and attended North Carolina State University, focusing on Agricultural Education.  Norman later earned a BA in Christian Education from Logos Christian College & Graduate Schools.

Norman and his wife Linda have been residents of Craven and Pamlico Counties for over 40 years. During those years, the strong work ethic learned in the early years on the family farm inspired Norm to become an entrepreneur who now has over 24 years of small business management.  In 2010, Norman was elected by the voters of North Carolina House District 3 (Craven and Pamlico Counties) to serve in the NC House of Representatives.


Norman and Linda have a son, a daughter and three grandsons.

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