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Accountability and Humility are the underpinnings of HOJ Leadership. The essence of Accountability is accepting responsibility for the proper stewardship of what we have been given as well as delivering more than expected. Humility enables leaders to learn from the ones they serve. Developing leadership qualities is an objective of every endeavor HOJ undertakes – to the point where every individual served is taught and equipped such that after being the “student” they then become the “teacher".


From a practical point of view, the HOJ Leadership Development is grounded within our Monday Night Bible Study Fellowship. This time of fellowship and teaching serves to strengthen the core of House of Joy in community as we are brought into a working relationship of love and responsibility toward one another. We also teach Life Skills through a program called “Seeds of Life”. This teaching is faith-based and encourages living life skillfully through overcoming.


Leadership Development is also expressed through our “Impart the Heart” meetings. This forum is for imparting the heart of the mission of House of Joy. We invite other individuals and servant organizations to come and speak out the heart of their mission as well. We want to make room for our hearts and hands to be joined with others within the community and beyond so that a unity and peace can be realized as we respond to the vision we each have been given.


House of Joy hosts workshops and seminars as well as offers workspace for other servant organizations that need a place to build up their own leadership teams but lack the proper atmosphere and environment to enhance learning, growing and strategic planning and development.

True leadership is by example and in the role of the servant. HOJ Leadership Development is the process of learning how to lead while serving others. Teaching and training equips one to deal with various situations, but the true character of a leader is formed while serving.





Leadership Development

  Learning as You Serve

"...But let him who is the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as the servant."

Luke 22:26

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”

                           ~Peter F. Drucker


Learning how to love


Learning how to serve


Learning how to give


Learning how to receive


Learning how to teach and be the student


Learning how to plant and to uproot


Learning how to tear down and build up


Learning how to keep and throw away



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