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Needed Donations

Water Purification Systems

First Aid Products

Paper Products


Cleaning Products

Hygiene Products


Non Perishable Food Items

Chain Saws

Tarps and Tents

Disaster Relief

  Always Be Prepared

Disaster Relief Project- Soup Mix.jpg

House of Joy is primarily motivated by goal oriented building programs, yet we want to be prepared to assist and integrate in responding to crisis situations within our local community. Therefore, HOJ has implemented a proactive approach to gathering resources which we anticipate will be needed for responding to hardships within the community as a result of natural disasters, personal disasters and special relief efforts.


A coordinated and organized response demands that we share a symbiotic relationship with other relief agencies such as Wake Interfaith Disaster Team, a disaster relief resource group recognized through Wake Emergency Management. HOJ seeks to be a part of a prepared response to our community by:


  • Teaching preparedness

  • Offering checklists for specific disaster situations

  • Personal Care Kits and Cleaning Buckets

  • Resource Gathering

  • Counseling

  • Water Purification



The HOJ Water Purification program is an element of the Disaster Relief Program in that the same equipment and training can be used in the local area in the event that the natural disaster temporarily disrupts access to suitable drinking water. The Disaster Relief Program equipment and supplies will be retained at the HOJ Storehouse.

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