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The Gathering Place

  Gathering Hearts and Hands


108 W North St.

Zebulon, North Carolina


Everyone needs a place to call home, and The Gathering Place is ours. This house is a sanctuary for individuals; a safe place for the hearts and souls of all who serve and are served. This is a place that embodies the warm atmosphere of home where friends and family gather and where community is realized. This is where we hold meetings and special events that strengthen partnerships and collaborations for our mission. The Gathering Place is House of Joy’s home but greater than that it is a covering, a shelter, a canopy to protect and facilitate the birthing of visions that people carry within them. These visions demonstrate a many-membered expression of helps that encourage and strengthen community. The Gathering Place is where we offer our individual services through appointments and invitation.





Helps and Resources Offered


Bible Study

Friendship and Fellowship

Counseling / Mentoring

Life Skills Coaching

Teaching and Training – skills, vocational, trades

Practical Hands-on Help

Disaster Relief

Water Purification

Collaboration and Networking

Resource Gathering

Community Service for Teens

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering your time either through teaching and training or you are seeking information regarding these resources please contact House of Joy at 919-291-8321

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