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Learning, Growing and Experiencing Change

     House of Joy offers mentoring and counseling for the purpose of discovery.  The journey of life offers all of us situations, circumstances, bends in the road, storms, and “things we never saw coming” as a means to learn, grow and experience change. Our strength is affirmed many times in difficult experiences when we have someone to come alongside us as a friend, a companion, a trusted guide. Each one of us can obtain a life-giving testimony of where we have been and what we have learned.  This testimony, when offered to one who is struggling becomes a strength and a word of encouragement that makes all things possible and demonstrates that all things can become new. We have volunteers who offer their time, experiences, and compassion to aid, support and guide those who come ready to take steps needed for change. 

Making a Difference Through...

Partners Who Serve With Us

Bill Day, LCSW, PH.D.

Deep Healing Psychotherapy


Lifecare- a private practice of Licensed Professional Counselors who serve as a bridge to mental health and spiritual well-being.


Bill Venable , MA, MDiv, LPC

Point of contact for Lifecare


Transformed Hearts Ministries "Unlocking the Heart to Love"

  Sarah Compton, Counselor

  Thea Loughery, Counselor


Discovery Processes


Friendship and Common Purpose


Connecting People to People


Coaching Through Change


Reviving Through Encouragement


Rebuilding With New Tools That Bring Change


Giving "Who We Are" To Others


Leadership Development



Areas of Service

Individual and Family Counseling          Couples/Marriage Counseling          Life Skills          Life Coaching           Friendship

Budget Management          Crisis Management          Conflict Resolution          Inner Healing          Anger Issues       Depression

       Emotional Healing          Phobias or Panic Attacks          Guilt and Shame         Divorce Prevention      Grief/Bereavement

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