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The Storehouse

  Stewarding Community Resources

House of Joy gathers and redistributes usable equipment and supplies from local businesses and industries in support of our community development projects. This combination of equipment and supplies is inventoried, stored, and then processed at the HOJ Storehouse. These resources represent a critical arm of support and sustainability for HOJ community development projects that are designed to take root, grow and transform communities and empower people. Our resources are supported through teaching and training for their proper use and maintenance as they are implemented within our projects. The HOJ storehouse operates as a resource center for both the Disaster Relief Program and the Water Purification program in addition to the International Community Development Program (ICD).


Volunteers are critical in the proper stewardship of the resources we are entrusted with for serving community needs. We need nurses to help us identify medical supplies and their proper placement throughout local clinics and international distribution. We offer volunteer opportunities for schools that need students to complete community service obligations as well any group or individual who wants to serve in our warehouse operations. 

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